Mentoring : A Integrated Mentoring Program

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INTRODUCTION The goal of mentoring in military organizations is to help junior personnel reach their full potential by having senior personnel help develop them, and pass on their practical expertise and professional knowledge to personnel who are committed to advancement and success (United States, 1995). A thriving mentoring program will enhance our overall professionalism and help meet the future needs of our organization. In my current job, I am charged with implementing a mentoring program where officers, enlisted personnel, and civilian employees can pass on not only career development guidance to junior personnel, but also the principles, traditions, shared values, and lessons of our profession. Mentoring covers a wide range…show more content…
Additionally, the PM conducts an exit interview with mentors and participants when leaving the program, to assess progress made, and improvements needed to the program (United States, 1995). Mentors serve as a confidant, counselor, guide and advisor to a participant. They share an understanding of the organization, its mission, and the formal and informal operating processes, and share experiences which contributed to their own success, setting an example for the participant to follow. They assist the participant in career development ideas or for pursuing career opportunities. Mentors encourage participants to become more efficient and productive in their career field through self-development and other activities, and suggest appropriate training and developmental opportunities to further the progress of the participant toward leadership positions. The Mentor will provide input to the participant 's supervisor in developing their Individual Development Plan (IDP), helping the participant to set clear, realistic career goals and periodically reviews progress, making constructive suggestions on career development. Vitally important, the Mentor must ensure the mentoring relationship remains visibly and consistently professional. Mentors must ensure that their meetings are for clear purposes related to mentoring, that there is visible progress by the participant toward legitimate mentoring goals, and that office relationships between the mentor and participant
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