Mentoring : A Integrated Mentoring Program

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INTRODUCTION The goal of mentoring in military organizations is to help junior personnel reach their full potential by having senior personnel help develop them, and pass on their practical expertise and professional knowledge to personnel who are committed to advancement and success (United States, 1995). A thriving mentoring program will enhance our overall professionalism and help meet the future needs of our organization. In my current job, I am charged with implementing a mentoring program where officers, enlisted personnel, and civilian employees can pass on not only career development guidance to junior personnel, but also the principles, traditions, shared values, and lessons of our profession. Mentoring covers a wide range of areas, such as career guidance, technical and professional development, leadership, Air Force history and heritage, air and space power doctrine, strategic vision, and contribution to joint warfighting. It also includes knowledge of the ethics of our military and civilian professions and understanding of the Air Force 's core values of integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do (United States, 2013).
MENTORING PROGRAM RESPONSIBILITIES The head of our organization supports and promotes the mentoring program through personal participation, and linking it to other organizational activities, such as locally-sponsored professional development programs, leadership events, or specific activities sponsored by functional…
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