Merit Pay For American Colleges And Universities

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A Review of Merit Pay in American Colleges and Universities
American colleges and universities employ an impressive number of people in a wide-range of occupations. While universities have a number of goals and interests, the general assumption among most individuals is that universities have the sole purpose of teaching students and preparing them for success in the world. Given this line of thinking, one would be led to believe that professors and other academic instructors hold the majority of positions within an institution, but this would be incorrect. While the faculty do serve a critical function, their service to the students would not be possible without the various support services that exist throughout a college campus. To ensure these services are set up and provide the resources necessary to ensure the university is successful in its mission, colleges require a large number of employees, all working under unique job titles and classifications, to take on the responsibilities that come with working in an industry that generated more than $124 billion in 2001 alone (Lowenstein, 2001). A review of the human resources’ website of a college or university shows the diversity of jobs and positions within a university. These positions range from the seemingly obscure accountant, office manager, or plumber, to the traditional academic advisor, professor, and higher-level administration. As different as these positions may appear, they typically can be

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