Essay on Mesmorized By the Battleground

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It was a usual, cool Monday morning in the Leeuwin Barracks. The year was 1915 and although the World War had recently begun, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement. The flowers were blossoming and the insects in the shrubs were playing in tranquility. There was a powerful, warm summer sea breeze that was made the trees move majestically. The blistering sun was beaming down, bright as a quasar and the colorful birds chirping beautifully as if they were singing in a choir. The sky was blue as the sea and there was not a cloud in sight. In the gorgeous sky was a huge rainbow arching over the whole army base, directly above all of the dorm’s crooked chimneys that sat high above the matching blue tiled rooftops. This is the largest …show more content…

In the distance, I caught a slight glimpse of my friend, Tim. You couldn’t miss him. His blonde hair, blue eyes and long pointed nose made him stand above the rest. He was unique and one of the best soldiers I have ever seen throughout my two years at the base. I gradually made my way to go sit next to him. “What do you think this whole meeting is about?” I asked.
“I don’t know, probably some update on the training drills or something. All of the soldiers were eagerly waiting for something to happen. We rarely have large gatherings like this unless here is something very important that we urgently need to know.

The noise and commotion suddenly came to a halt when the door at the back of the room swung open. I large figure, probably around 6 feet tall emerged from the darkness. It was Lieutenant Anderson, the toughest, meanest and strictest commander in the whole of Australia. He was bald and had a disturbing scar that sat just above his brown eyes. “Attention!” he bellowed in his deep voice. “You are all the finest privates that I have ever had the privilege to train. It is my honor to inform all of you about an extremely important assignment that will commence tomorrow at twilight. The mission is part of ambitious invasion of the western side of the Gallipoli Peninsula. We were going to be part of the 2nd brigade to support the soldiers that were located at a place nicknamed 400 Plateau in the 1st brigade.” He explained.

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