The Battle Of The American Civil War Essay

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How could a traumatic war possibly be a great cause to our country? The battles of the American Civil War for example, has dramatically affected this country in a plethora of ways; from abolishing slavery in the South, uniting the United States, and changing the political and social ways of how we are today. However, these are not the only changes to occur. Military and medicine started to advance, and even different cultures and languages began to develop across the land. As of today, it has been a huge part of our history and without it, we probably would not be who we are today. It all started when a missile stroked a shore. At 4:32 a.m., on April 12, 1861, a fort in Charleston, South Carolina, Fort Sumter, was bombed. Threats were made to Federal troops occupying forts in the South. Major Robert Anderson was with the Union and asked the War Department for more reinforcements. He was in command of Fort Moultrie on Sullivan Island, not too far from Charleston. Anderson’s play was to move him and his men to a more secure fort, which were either Castle Pinckney or the unfinished Fort Sumter. However, Francis Pickens, governor of South Carolina, did not like that idea and wanted Anderson to stay at Fort Moultrie. Anderson was already on his way to Fort Sumter. Pickens demanded Anderson to surrender but of course, he did not want to. On March 1, Brigadier General Beauregard arrived in Charleston. Confederate president, Jefferson Davis, sent him there to take command of the

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