Messi Research Paper

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WOW!That was a spectacular goal.Messi just scored a Hat Trick.If you haven’t notice Messi is my favorite player.Today I written a short biography about Messi. First, i’m going to tell you about his childhood.Messi was born in June 24,1987.In Rosario Argentina.When he was growing up he had a great talent for soccer.He also played in a local club with his father in Argentina. Next i’m going to tell you about his soccer life.One day he got sick.The club that he was in,didn’t want to help him pay his hospital bill.So then Messi was offered a chance to train at a Soccer Powerhouse FCBarcelona’s Youth Academy in spain.He gladly told them yes.So his family packed up and moved to Spain.Messi past all of his training exercise and started playing for

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