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Metamorphoses After diving deeper into the production of Metamorphoses I couldn’t help but recognize a theme of, “The Powers of Love”. The objective of the performance was to present the transitions and effects that love has on people, by staging different myths and stories. By enabling different design element and implementing special effects, the production of Metamorphoses created a visual world in which the play could unfold. The set design was simple throughout the entire play, yet it delivered a meaningful theme to the performance. Consisting of a raised platform, fabric for acrobatics and the pool, the actors used each element of the set design to enhance the overall experience for the show goers. The best example of the…show more content…
In the story of greedy father, an adult, rather than a child played his daughter. In order to enhance the realism of the play, the daughters costume was chosen to represent the nature of a child. This costume choice was consistent with the director’s concept and accurately communicated the age and relationship of the daughter to the father. In the story of the love struck boy, a man disguises himself as an old beggar women so that he may get insight on a girl he is in love with. The beggar costume created an entirely new relationship between the man and woman and allowed the man to freely approach his love to learn of her feelings for him. When discussing the design elements, I feel as though the element of light gets overlooked more times than not. Throughout the entirety of the performance, light played a key role in developing effects, and creating a visual reality. The first instance we saw light was in the myth of the greedy father and his daughter. In the story, the father is granted one wish; that everything he touches turn to gold. Unfortunately for the man, his wish comes true and every single thing he touches is instantly transformed to gold. In order to display this element of the play, a golden light was shined on any object the father touched, including his daughter. This light illuminated the action of the story and worked to fulfill the director’s concept. As an audience, we also saw the use of light during an actor’s important set of lines. In
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