Metamorphosis into Humanity Essay

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Franz Kafka’s uses of symbolism throughout Metamorphosis help the audience grip the appreciation of Gregor’s drive towards humanity and independence. The transformation in this book is used as a symbol for Gregor’s metamorphosis to humanity. Even though none of us should ever wake up and experience the emotion of changing into a giant bug, the hardship Gregor felt is a sample that is relevant to us in different ways. Throughout the story, we see numerous symbols that show the ultimate symbol of humanity and independence. The story begins with Gregor Samsa waking up as a bug. As the story proceeds on, Gregor accepts himself being a bug and never questions why or how this transformation could happen. His only concern is getting to work. …show more content…

When Gregor hears his sister playing the violin one day, he comes out of his room but his father uses the newspaper to direct him back into the room. Another example of his loss of power would be his sister bringing in his food scraps on his newspaper. His family was dehumanizing him in different ways. This story also seems to be a symbol that describes the communication in the Samsa household. His paychecks became expected, and everyone but his sister begins to view him as less of a person and more of a source of income. Gregor also took many business trips that contributed to the poor communication among the family. The meager communication among the family stays the same before and after his transformation. After Gregor’s transformation, Gregor can barely speak and only say a few words to his family. He realizes there is no point in trying to communicate with them because they won’t understand. His parents make very little attempt to communicate with him and they lose all interest in him. His sister, Grete, is the only one that seems to be there for him. She brings him food scraps and helps re-arrange his room for him. However, as the power of authority in the house continually changes, Grete grows weary of him. She gets a job as a salesperson and has no time to help him. She begins to view him as more of a nuisance. One night when Grete was playing the violin for the lodgers, Gregor escapes his

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