Metaphor In Where Things Come Back

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Where Things Come Back is an odd tale about the way loss can affect people. A young man by the name of Cullen Witter begins his senior year of highschool in the small static town of Lilly Arkansas. The town becomes infatuated with the supposed return of the long lost Lazarus Woodpecker. Cullen’s summer before his senior year of high school, he first experiences loss in the form of death. His cousin Oslo passed away due to drug abuse. His second loss is that of his brother, Gabriel Witter, who suddenly goes missing and disappears. Gabriel, Cullen, and Cabot Searcy’s lives are all eventually tied together because of a missionary named Benton Sage. Cullen Witter also experiences the feeling of loss in the form of love and second chances. This story shows that hope and finding one’s faith can all come together for one last chance. Whaley uses a metaphor in Where Things Come Back to explain Cullen’s loss of his cousin Oslo. It states, “Nothing idealistic about seeing your only cousin ghost white and stone dead.” It is a metaphor because it refers Oslo as “ghost white” and “stone dead” without using “like” or “as” as descriptors. The author of Where Things Come Back also uses an idiom on page 88 of Chapter Nine. It says, “Can we just talk for a minute? I said, trying not to laugh at the absurdity of my situation. Talk is cheap, he said back.” This is an example of an idiom because talk isn’t literally measured in wealth, it is just a saying to show that you need to cut to the

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