Methods Of Evangelism : The Romans Road

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Methods of Evangelism Part ONE—Evangelistic Method #1—The Romans Road The Romans Road is a very helpful tool when sharing the good news of salvation. When evangelizing, one can use this method to walk through the aspects of the Gospel simply by using a collection of six verses. It begins with Romans 3:23 which states our current predicament plainly – we have all sinned at some point in our life and none are worthy of God. The next verse, Romans 6:23, expounds on the result of this fact. It explains that everyone who has sinned must receive their just punishment which is death, however, God offers mankind eternal life with a free gift through a savior. What is this free gift? Romans 5:8 explains that Christ paid the price for our sin by taking our punishment. The last three verses, Romans 10:9-10, 13, explain what one must do to be saved. There are many advantages of using this method to evangelize. First of all, it is very clear and is easy to expound on. Sometimes it is hard to know exactly how to tell someone the Gospel. It is often difficult to explain the Gospel in an orderly fashion and to explain every detail, but using the Romans Road makes it easy to follow a logical order. Second, it is only six verses and easy to memorize. It is impossible to fully explain the Gospel with only a few verses, but having the main points memorized with these six short verses allows for a clear explanation as well as a more natural flow in the conversation. Third, the points are
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