Meursault's Selfishness

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Meursault’s Selfishness

Albert Camus’ The Stranger explores the philosophic ideology of existentialism in the character Meursault. Meursault is a man in the 1920s in French Algeria going through life seeing and acting through the lens of an existentialist. Without explicitly stating that he lives existentially, his life hits on many key characteristics of an existentialist. Perhaps the most defining of these key characteristics is that he does what he wants, because he can. He also does this because in existentialism there is emphasis on individual choice and freedom based on the assertion that there is no universal right and wrong. Meursault doesn’t always take into consideration what would be polite, or kind, but rather only …show more content…

This kind of thinking is detrimental to society and simply unfair. For example, a woman from New Jersey named Patricia Krentcil was recently accused and arrested for bringing her daughter tanning with her. The woman denies the charges, but regardless of whether they are true or not, this is a prime example of selfish, destructive behavior. Krentcil wanted to get her regular tan, but had her daughter with her. Assuming the charges are true, she

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