Mexican Culture In Mexico

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History is repetitive, whether it is the good or the bad; it all repeats one way or another; Socio-political issues also continue through time. Although the world tends to blur, or dismiss the awful events and struggles of society, there is no way to ignore the wrongdoings or forget about a whole country not being free to be their own. Mexico’s independence was proclaimed November 16, 1810; therefore in history it is considered to be free, in the country itself, Spanish rule was still felt even hundreds of years later. Even after the evidence Mexicans still struggled with racism, prejudice, inequality from the spaniards and english still living among them. The country as a whole won their independence from Spain, the people however, still struggled with repression. Culture found in Mexico after the 1810 was no longer pure to the indigenous, Anglo culture had intertwined with it. Religion had continued to change the culture, Catholicism was the main religion present. Mexico at this time did not need to listen to the decisions required by the spanish, yet they were so far into the conquista conditions. At this it was believed that all citizens of mexico were equal and free, again and again the anglo residents proved it wrong. Racism still existed, the casta system was fully empowered. In the casta system, status was gained by skin color and race, the mixture of cultures was one condition which encouraged the inequality. No longer in charge, the Spanish culture

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