Mexican Generation Vs Chicano Generation

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During the 19th Century the United States sought to expand westwards and increase their land. Since Mexico stood in the way they did all they could to provoke it and start a war. “The Mexicans fired the first shot. But they had done what the American government wanted” (Zinn 151). What they wanted was California, soon they wanted Texas and then Arizona and New Mexico came along. For a long period of time, probably still today; Mexican-Americans are seen as “an ahistoric people” (Romano 44). An assumption that is completely wrong. Mexican American have been fighting for their rights and equality since they became part of America. In fact they had two movements conduct by different generations. The Mexican-American Generation between 1930 and 1960; and the Chicano generation between 1945-1960. Although both generations were had the same ancestry, they had different world view because their history and the events that were going on in their time. Both Mexican-American generation and Chicano generation similarities and differences help understand the overall Chicano history in the 20th Century.
The standard way of thinking about Mexican-American is as immigrants. However, as previously mentioned, they did not start off as immigrants. Their land was won by the United States during the Mexican-War. Yes, they had the option to return to Mexico, but that didn’t include returning with their land. It was their land or their country. Many chose to stay because they were not guaranteed

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