Mgt101-Hk1. Principles of Management- Midterm Exam

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Click Link Below To Buy: Question 1 1 points Save The last step in the planning process is to: put the plans into action choose the best alternative for reaching objectives develop premises upon which each alternative is based state organizational objectives Question 2 1 points Save Which management writer popularized management-by-objectives? Tom Peters Frederick Taylor Peter Drucker Abraham Maslow Question 3 1 points Save All of the following are methods of evaluating the planner EXCEPT: the …show more content…

the population and workforce will grow more rapidly than at any time since the 1930s more women will enter the workforce the pool of young workers entering the workforce will shrink minorities will make up a larger share of new entrants into the labor force Question 14 1 points Save Perceptions about the sexes based on what society believes are appropriate behaviors for men and women are: instances of sexual harassment gender-role stereotypes grounds for tokenism role models Question 15 1 points Save Which approach to cultural diversity focuses on how interpersonal skills and attitudinal changes relate to organizational performance, and is also the most effective approach to pluralism? the culture-specific approach the multicultural approach the assimilation approach the "righting-the-wrongs" approach Question 16 1 points Save The first component that diversity training programs focus on is:

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