Management 497 Assignment Week 2

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Audit Exercise Paper Two
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MGT/497 – Strategic Technology Planning for Organizations
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January 16, 2012

Introduction This paper will refer to two audit exercises from Chapter three and Chapter four of the textbook. The first one will refer to demand for product, competitive response, level of novelty of the innovation, factor that could block the good outcome of an innovation, and other factors. The second audit exercise will involve the assimilation of a checklist for innovation with respect to the considered organization. It will also determine the readiness of the organization to implement an innovation strategy. The company chosen for these audit exercises is Apple. Everyone has heard about this company and
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It seems that Google with their Android OS is a little in front of Apple with respect to technological advancement; this is why Apple need to direct some of their costs to research and development to keep up or become better than their competitor. They could leverage opportunities by being able to maintain their devoted customers and offer to them discounts or special promotions for the products. This would attract other potential customers. The potential damage may occur if Apple is not able to stay in the competition or cannot innovate; they are threatened if Google’s Android is advancing faster and faster because people like to stay in touch with the technology and would choose the best product in the market.
Audit Exercise Chapter 4 This audit exercise from the end of chapter four requires analyzing a figure which contains a checklist for innovative organizations to consider. The questions at hand refer to ways of using the checklist in determining a company’s readiness to implement a strategy that would be innovative. It requires identifying at least a major area to be examined and addressing important considerations from this area. Figure 4.7 is divided into four categories. It talks about vision, leadership, processes, and resources. We would refer to all of them in consideration to the company Apple. This time the chosen product will be the iPad. The same way
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