Michael Brown And Dorian Johnson Leave Ferguson Market And Liquor Essay

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Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson leave Ferguson Market and Liquor. Surveillance videoshows Mr. Brown stealing some cigarillos. They walk along West Florissant Avenue and then inthe middle of the street on Canfield Drive. Officer Darren Wilson arrives, alone in his policevehicle. Speaking through his window, he tells the two men to move to the sidewalk. He seesthat Mr. Brown fits the description of a suspect in a convenience store theft. Officer Wilsonmakes a call to the dispatcher about the two men. He positions his S.U.V. to block the two menas well as traffic. There is an altercation between Officer Wilson and Mr. Brown, who isstanding at the window of the vehicle. Officer Wilson fires two shots from inside the vehicle, onelikely grazing Mr. Brown’s thumb, and the other missing him. Mr. Brown runs east. OfficerWilson pursues him on foot. Mr. Brown stops and turns toward Officer Wilson, who also stops.Mr. Brown moves toward Officer Wilson, who fires several more shots. Mr. Brown is fatallywounded. Several witnesses reported seeing an altercation in the S.U.V. between Officer Wilsonand Mr. Brown. Some said Mr. Brown punched Officer Wilson while Mr. Brown was partlyinside the vehicle. At least one witness said no part of Mr. Brown was ever inside the vehicle. Inhis own testimony, Officer Wilson said that Mr. Brown reached into the vehicle and fought forhis gun. Examiners found Mr. Brown’s blood or other DNA outside the driver’s door, outside theleft rear passenger door,

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