Michael Freeland Case Study

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Michael Freeland, a man who had been recently diagnosed with the life altering disease lung cancer, opted for help with ending his life. Michael, originally believing he only had about six months to live, thought that it would be the best option for him, however he ended up continuing to live through the six month mark. After a length of time passed from Michael having been given the lethal prescription, he had been diagnosed with both depression and suicidal intent. Caregivers were responsible for removing anything in his home that he could potentially use to harm or injure himself, such as the many guns he owned, as well as the ammunition that would have allowed him to go through with injuring himself by gun. Although the caregivers removed…show more content…
Jonathan suffered through the challenges of living with such an incapacitating diagnosis for fifteen years. In his prime, Jonathan had been a New York Theatre producer, and as his diseases continued to destroy his body, it became challenging for him to continue doing everyday things such as using utensils by himself. His diagnosis came with the struggle of hepatic encephalopathy, which caused him to become confused and disoriented. Jonathan’s friend Marty said that Jonathan had “such an amazing will to live”( ), however it had become increasingly difficult for Jonathan to enjoy the quality of his life. As Jonathan began to accept his diagnosis, he began to consider Physician Assisted suicide, and talked to his Physician about it. In the end, Jonathan planned his own death and in the end “Jonathan died the way he wanted -- not in a hospital room, suffering, but in his own home with people who loved him”( ) This story reflects a positive experience with Physician Assisted suicide, and how it can be helpful in the lives of some. Physician Assisted suicide is a widely debated topic, and like any controversial subject, there are many opinions towards it. There are people and groups who strongly believe that Physician Assisted suicide should not be legal and that it is unethical to end one’s life before their time has come. In addition to that, there are people and groups who strongly advocate for Physician Assisted suicide, saying that keeps people’s dignity intact and allows people to die on their own
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