Michael Jeffrey Jord The Best Nba Players All Time

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Michael Jeffrey Jordan. One of the best nba players all time. One of the most famous person in history. One of my friends in high school. I show great affection toward him for all he’s done and how great he was to me. I was a freshman he was a junior so I got to play with him one year which was my sophomore. He invited me for dinner tonight and boy was I excited. His house was enormous. Michael and his wife and kids lived in a rural area. The gates open and I drove in. A man parked my car and I walked to the front door. “Hi Timothy welcome ” said Yvette which is Michael Jordan’s wife. I answer “Hi” as well. Then I asked,” What are your Daughter’s name they are adorable. She repeated,” This one is Victoria and this one is…show more content…
“ I repeated,” I that would be amazing.” He said how about you?” I said I am a Surgeon for The University of Kansas Hospital because that’s where I went to college at”. He said,” Wow I knew you would help people out someday”. I said,”Ya” with a smile. Then the food came out. Chicken and Sausage Gumbo my favorite he remembered. He acknowledged,” Every Time you used to come over my Mom used to make it. The cook was no other than Deloris Jordan Michael’s Mom I ran over and hugged her. She responded,”I haven’t seen you in so long you looked so handsome all grown up”. I said,” you don’t look bad yourself Mrs.Jordan” She repeated,” Awe you would always the compliment type”. Then I prayed over the food,”Come Lord Jesus, our guest to be, and bless these gifts bestowed by Thee. Then the whole family said,”amen” We all started eating.”The food is great just like the old days”. She said “Yep” with a big smile. I started talking about how,” I wish Mr.Jordan was here”. After I was done talking I could see on Michael’s face that he felt dilapidated because he wasn’t here. His unspoken way made me feel bad that I brought it up. Then Mrs.Jordan started talking about Intricating things about stuff about Michael when he was a kid. Like,”He always used to play basketball and his little goal we got him for christmas”. When I looked at Michael his was laughing very hard.
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