Michael Jerome Williams 's Life

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Do you know what if feels like to live in a household with fourteen other people? Do you know how it feels now knowing if you whether or not you will have a roof over your head while you are sleeping the next day? When you live in this type of known environment, it is hard to do make it out become successful in life. All odds were against a man named Michael Jerome Williams growing up in these same situations and circumstances. Michael Oher was a young homeless boy that was adopted and turned himself around. Childhood for Michael Oher was living in a small home and being one of twelve children. He lived in the worst part of Memphis Tennessee, he never knew his father. He did not receive much care as a child as his mother was an alcoholic and his father spent most of his time in prison. When Michael was in high school his father was killed while in the prison. His mother was addicted to cocaine since Michael was born and he and his siblings began to separate at an early age. Oher failed in first and second standards and had to change many schools. Some were sent to foster homes, some stayed with friends and others lived on the streets. Unfortunately, Michael was in and out of foster homes and ultimately was homeless. He was basically on his own from the beginning of his life. He does not think of himself as being tough just trying to get by, to survive.
 He had friends who were as determined as he was to get out. He had brothers and sisters who helped keep him
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