Michael Oher Characteristics

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Michael Oher, a young teen boy who had nothing left but himself, well at least that’s what he thought. Oher wasn’t born into the rich life, but the eight characteristics he carried with him are what made him rich. Each characteristic helps Michael Oher become a professional football player, but also winning the love of a kind family, the Tuohy family. So, how do the eight characteristics of a successful student tie into the life of Michael Oher? Summary: Michael Oher was a young boy who had to go through rough times as he was growing up. Fatheralong, Oher was taken in by the Tuohy family after they saw Oher didn’t have a home or anyone to go to for help. Once Oher gained the love of the Tuohy family, he became their adopted son, and soon he became the star football player of Briarcrest Christian School (BiJog). He became an interest to many colleges and after high school, he attended University of Mississippi. Personal Responsibility: In the movie The Blind Side, Michael Oher was part of the Tuohy family and after earning their trust, he was given a car. Later on, Sean Tuohy and Michael Oher were both in the car and having a good time riding together and on their way to pick up a new game. Oher got distracted and hit another car. After the blow both of the boys had taken, Michael made himself responsible (Hancook, The Blind Side). Accepting personal responsibility may be hard sometimes, but it takes a great deal of courage.
Self-motivation: Before the Tuohy family,

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