Michael Jordan Essay On Basketball

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Michael Jordan was a great basketball player, but he was not the best athlete of all time. He played two professional sports, he played baseball and basketball, and he was great at basketball but not so great at baseball. Michael was a really famous athlete and he was among the best, but he was not the best.
There are a lot of great athletes in all sports such as basketball, baseball, football, etc. When you hear about players in some of the sports, names such as Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, and Tom Brady come to mind. A lot of people are forgetting about a couple other athletes that are just as good, if not better. For example, John Stockton comes to my mind for basketball because he was without a doubt the smartest and most brilliant player to ever play the game of basketball.
There are lots of different sports, there are probably over one hundred different sports and lots of different players that play them. If Michael Jordan was to play against Tom Brady in football, he would not stand a chance, therefore you can say that Michael is not the best athlete of all time. Michael played two different sports but he is not the greatest athlete of all time because there were a lot of baseball players that were way better than Michael was.
In the NBA, which Michael was famous for playing, there are five major statistics. These statistics include points, blocks, steals, assists, and rebounds. In the game of basketball to be good at all of these statistics is a huge accomplishment.

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