Michael Jordan Journey

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Goals cannot always be attained by yourself. While extra hard work can build skill and bring success closer, it is not insured. Think of Michael Jordan, for example. While his hard work granted him the success of playing in the NBA, without his team he would just be a man with athletic ability. Without the help of his coaches throughout his life, Jordan would not have been the icon he is today. Similarly, in my life, I had to rely of someone to accomplish a goal. For my entire life, I have dreamed of traveling to other countries to help people. It had never occurred to me then that I would not be able to do this alone. My mother encouraged me to work harder than I ever had and continue following my dreams.

This past summer, that dream became a reality. However, it came at a hefty price that I could not afford at the time. A couple of my friends and I had discovered a mission trip that would travel to Nicaragua in July. My dreams sat just beyond my reach. As a future senior
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With her help I began fund raising. I worked many hours in the time leading up to the final payment in April. Whether babysitting or walking the neighbors dog, I was earning money in any way possible. As a sixteen year old without a job, however, funding for a $3,000 trip was nearly impossible in the two months leading up to the final payment. With only a short month left in my fund raising, I was still $2,200 short. Despite my desperate efforts, I was not going to achieve my goal. I had begun to lose hope and the trip was looking bleak. That is when my mother started helping me. She began spreading the word to everyone we knew. Soon, family members who I hardly remembered were sending money along with my hairstylist, pastor, and fathers co-workers. People I never would have thought to ask were giving me hundreds of dollars for my trip and it was all due to my
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