Michael Schmittinger. Mr. Homan, P.3. America In History

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Michael Schmittinger
Mr. Homan, p.3
America in History III, 6.0
February 13th, 2017
Abort Roe v. Wade

Since the 1973 court case of Roe v. Wade, around 38 million women have gotten away with murder (Williams 54). An abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often occurring in the first 28 weeks (Merriam). The Supreme Court case of Roe v. Wade ruled that abortions performed in the first trimester are legal and abortions performed out of that time period were to be decided by the individual state (Blackmun). The history of abortions goes all the way back regardless of whether it was legal or not. Women would either find costly doctor 's willing to do it or use dangerous methods to do it themselves. As time
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In addition to that, abortions can tarnish the relationships within a family. The mother who had the abortion may experience worsening relationships with her parents, her children (if any), and most often her spouse. If the woman’s relationship with her spouse does come to an end, the problems for pre-existing children may arise even more. For example, 71% of teenage pregnancies occur with children of single parents and 63% of youth suicides occur in children without a father (Impact). This shows just how drastically an abortion can harm a family and ruin the up and coming generations. Also, the normalization of abortion is very detrimental to the success of the millennials. As kids are growing up during this generation, society is constantly portraying abortion as an expected pathway to take for an unwanted child. This idea teaches our youth lessons opposite of what they’re normally told. For instance, it teaches them that they can bypass the consequences of a situation instead of accepting them and dealing with it. Also, it influences children to go against the much encouraged sexual abstinence. The legalization of abortion encourages sexual activity among teens because they now feel safe knowing that if all goes wrong they can resort to an abortion. In accordance with the increase in sexual activity among the youth is the growth in the amount of teens with sexually transmitted diseases (The
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