Michelangelo : Divine Draftsman, And Design

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When viewing art, you are only seeing the completed work; you see what the artist wants you to see whether that be a painting, sculptures, or even architecture. The artist has an idea and their artwork is the fruition of that idea in real life. In this course, we have studied the first marks on a cave wall to paintings so realistic even a picture wouldn’t compare. However, throughout our time studying these great works we have only seen the culmination of their art, the moment these artists decided their work was complete. The unique perspective the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibit “Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman and Designer,” provides is the in-between, Michelangelo’s journey from an idea to a tangible piece of artwork. His drawings and sketches exhibited through this event are incomplete, some just basic sketches and others extremely detailed, highlighting his process of creation instead of the complete idea. By studying Michelangelo’s drawings, we see the man behind the art, offering a more personal, unpolished look into this great artist’s brain. Michelangelo was truly a master of all trades, the exhibit held sketches of future paintings, statues, and architecture each sketch more detailed than the last. Some of his greatest and most memorable creations reduced to their most basic forms and earliest sketches offering a novel viewpoint on their completed works. Accordingly, the sketches themselves become much more significant with the knowledge of what they are to

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