Microsoft : The Rise Of Technological Development

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Microsoft on the Rise
In the technological industry, significant advances are often the results of sequential evolutionary steps. For example, in 1997, the company of Microsoft rose to power and became the world 's most influential company, valued at 261 billion dollars. This happened because Microsoft offered something that society was missing: personal computing (a new approach in technological advancement). Microsoft allows the expansion of new horizons and the ability to bring about change throughout the world. During the rise of technological development, Microsoft had significant outcomes throughout the time period, which carried on to have lasting residual effects on society today.
During the early 1970’s, computers as we know them now, did not exist. That being the case, personal computers were a thing of fantasy and imagination. As 1975 came about, a man named Bill Gates opened new worlds of opportunity to the public by providing them with the prospect of computers for personal use (“1970s In Science And Technology”).
As the decades progressed, technology slowly continued to expand and the ubiquitous use of personal computers became widely common. The first personal computer was "introduced in the eighties from the International Business Machines Corporation 's "(Cambell-Kelly 2). Personal computers were "featured in the press, in numerous popular histories of computing, and in television programs" (Cambell-Kelly 3). Before then, people had no conception of
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