Microsoft Windows Vista And Vulnerabilities

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Table of Contents History of Microsoft Windows Vista and vulnerabilities 2 Discussion about vulnerability 6 How Buffer overflow works: 6 Prevent against Buffer overflow: 6 General security approaches which can be applied to the system 7 Evaluation of a third party protection mechanism 8 References 9 This report is containing four tasks and the aim of this report is to discuss vulnerabilities which are existed in Microsoft Windows Vista over the whole year 2008. In this report I will provide a reasonable level discussion of the history and vulnerabilities of Microsoft Windows Vista. The main sections are:  History of Microsoft Windows Vista and vulnerabilities  Discussion about vulnerability  General security…show more content…
In Windows Vista, BitLocker Drive Encryption provides better data protection for computers. Microsoft has also indicated that there was a significant improvement has made on the Windows Firewall and Windows Defender. However, Windows vista builds and released to public users with many vulnerabilities like most other previous versions of Microsoft operating system. (Windows 2013) Below is a summary list of Microsoft windows vista vulnerabilities over one year: Date CVE ID (Vulnerability) Vulnerability types Score out of 10 Complexity 25/11/2008 CVE-2008-5229 DoS Overflow +Priv 6.9 Medium 12/11/2008 CVE-2008-5044 DoS 4.0 High 20/10/2008 CVE-2008-4609 DoS 7.1 Medium 10/12/2008 CVE-2008-4269 Exec Code 8.5 Medium 10/12/2008 CVE-2008-4268 Exec Code 8.5 Medium 23/10/2008 CVE-2008-4250 4 Exec Code Overflow 10.0 Low 16/09/2008 CVE-2008-4114 1 DoS 7.1 Medium 14/10/2008 CVE-2008-4038 Exec Code Overflow 10.0 Low 14/10/2008 CVE-2008-4036 Overflow +Priv 7.2 Low 03/09/2008 CVE-2008-3893 +Info 1.9 Medium 10/12/2008 CVE-2008-3465 DoSExecCodeOverflow 9.3 Medium 10/09/2008 CVE-2008-3013 Exec Code 9.3 Medium 14/10/2008 CVE-2008-2252 +Priv Mem. Corr. 7.2 Low 14/10/2008 CVE-2008-2251 +Priv 7.2 Low 14/10/2008 CVE-2008-2250 +Priv 7.2 Low 10/12/2008 CVE-2008-2249 Exec Code Overflow 9.3 Medium 12/08/2008 CVE-2008-2246 Bypass +Info 7.8 Low 11/06/2008
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