Microsoft vs. The Government Essay examples

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Microsoft vs. The Government

Microsoft has developed into an inescapable force within the technological field. Coming from a delayed humble beginning, it has had to devote large sums of money to approach the levels of the founding technological companies. Today, Microsoft controls the market in computer software. How they have achieved this status is what some have come to question. Through “bundling” software programs, manipulating other computer companies, and packaging deals with personal computers, Microsoft has managed to eradicate nearly all competitors in the computer software market (Love, 1997). This near monopoly affects the entire spectrum of classes, including the consumer, other networking providers,
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Microsoft has their dominance of the industry at stake. They could potentially come out on top if left to continue their current tactics. They are masterfully “marketing their products” and it is paying off for them (Love, 1997).

The Justice Department charged that Microsoft was unjustly forcing their customers to use the Microsoft internet browser to purchase music online. When a user clicks on the “Shop for Music Online” links in Windows, they are directed to use Microsoft’s internet browser, even if they want to use another browser (Bridis, 2004). This is unfair because it does not allow consumers to choose their own products. Furthermore, it allows Microsoft to reduce competition with rival browsers.

The Justice Department maintains that the most critical concern involved Microsoft’s agreement to license a code to other companies, which allows rival products to communicate with Windows software. As of January 17, 2004, only eleven companies have chosen to license this code, most of which are not much competition for Microsoft. In addition, many companies are accusing Microsoft of demanding unreasonable fees and tedious restrictions for the code license (Krim, 2004).

So, it is entirely possible to take the stand that Microsoft is being unfairly attacked simply because it is the leader of the

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