Middle African American Culture

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Asian Cultureituations
-Many adults do no create learning situations for children, they are responsible for learning culturally valued behaviors through observing and being with adults during the course of the day
-some famies believe that learning through exploration is unnatural. If shildren express curiosity and engage in active exploration, they are viewed as ill-mannered. Children should be seld-restrained and quiet, not spontaneous and exuberant.
-children should be seen and not heard
-parents often control the direction of conversation, the length of time children can talk and the topics discussed
-self-realization nor self-expression are viewed as values
-sons are more highly valued than daughters
-parents have high expectations for their children’s educational attainment
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-shaking hands with someone of the opposite sex may be considered unacceptable
-when family members say “yes” they mean “I hear you” rather than “I agree”; professionals need to encourage open communication as much as possible.
-if a child needs special education or does poorly in school, the parents often feel ashamed and perceive the child’s difficulties as a sign off their own personal failure.
Middle Eastern Culture
Before we identify a few biases associated with the Middle Eastern population, we must first familiarize ourselves with several characteristics of their culture and linguistics.
Similar to the African American culture of child rearing, families of Middle Eastern cultures do not believe in reasoning with a child. Considering this practice

-THOUGH family relationships and gender roles in the middle eastern cultures have been based on Islam and hanve been influenced little by changes in other parts of the world. Middle eastern countries, however, are becoming more westernized, resulting in changed attitudes toward marriage and family life.

-women may be expected to eat in separate rooms from
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