Middle School : The Worst Year Of My Life

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Middle school was undoubtedly the worst three years of my life. I was this awkward adolescent who just really did not want to be considered as one of the “weird” kids. I am aware that middle school is not fun for most people; it is the years dedicated to kids going through puberty, which is arguably the biggest nightmare of their lives. Although those school years between the ages of eleven and thirteen are pretty much terrible for everyone, each person handles it in a different way. In my case, I would try to mask the insecurities I had by acting like someone I was not. For the most part, I was quiet and tried to keep to myself. However, there were times I would be so mean to others, even to the people I called my friends. This mean streak of mine was my way of hiding the shame I had of myself. I thought that if I made others feel bad about themselves, it would make me feel better about myself. Secrets hide the guilt and shame that people have, and in her essay Our Secrets, Susan Griffin describes these secrets that people have. She explores the secrets and fears of multiple people, and each person is completely different from one another. Leo is one of the main people that Griffin discusses in her essay. She explains his story by beginning with how World War II first entered his life when he was a young boy. From the time he was young, Leo looked up to his brother rather than his dad because “his father was a cold man” that would often beat him (372). The rocky

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