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Brad Wyzykowski Professor Gerber HIS300 4/5/2017 Midterm Exam Draft (Parts 1 & 2) Part 1 This debate is set April 12, 1861 between a congressman from New Haven, Connecticut, of the United States of America and a congressman from Jackson, Mississippi, of the Confederate States of America. Each congressman is very well informed of the issues leading up to the Civil War. They will debate over a variety of different issues that include secession validity, race relations, a plan to win the war, and a postwar vision. Each side will have a chance to debate said facts, opinions, and convincing arguments in a respectful manner. Was slavery the main cause leading to up to the Civil War, or was it states’ rights? With so many factors at play, the…show more content…
Slavery is inhumane. It portrays our country in the most negative way. Calhoun was a brilliant man, but his reasoning behind the slavery following the flag was inhumane in all aspects. If we are all equal under the constitution, then why are we denying colored people these very rights that they deserve? Any person with a sense of humanity and life would deny your reasoning. You had no right to secede. Slavery does not follow the flag in any right-minded nation. Secession only portrays your actions as inhumane and childish.” CSA Congressman: “It is not based on the fact of inhumane ways, it is based on the act that you were in direct violation of the constitution. You must respect our constitution and our history! We took action as we should have. We were never stubborn, but right-minded, as well as driven by our roots. The election of “The Black Republican” was a complete threat to our beliefs and what we worked so hard for. Secession was completely necessary at this point in time. We would have been deprived of more rights if we did not secede. Every action is followed by a reaction and therefore we split. Our rights were threatened and we took action as necessary.” USA Congressman: “Congressman, it was your pride and you honor that was at stake. President Lincoln had no intentions of taking away your rights. His values are very traditional, just as his attitude is. We are all driven by our roots of history. Secession was

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