Mies Van Der Rohe Concept Of Architecture

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What is life? Exploring Mies van der Rohe’s concept of architecture as a life process From his popular motto ‘less is more’ to his concept of architecture as ‘the spatially apprehended will of the epoch’, the aphorisms of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969) remain one of his most memorable legacies. Despite being less well known, other such statements promoted by Mies are also important to clarify the philosophy that sustained his works. This paper investigates one of these less known yet highly revealing statements: ‘Building-art is only understandable as a life process’. Considering the broader context of Mies’s discourse, philosophical readings, and architectural projects, this paper argues that Mies used the term ‘life process’ to refer to a larger changing reality that united the material and the spiritual realms of life. According to Mies, the recognition of this material-spiritual unity …show more content…

Mies continued to promote both this project and this concept of architecture later on, such as in the seminal monograph that accompanied his solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1947. He also reaffirmed this concept during a talk at the Architectural League of New York around 1960. Towards the end of this talk, Mies received the following comment: ‘I’m not sure what we’ve been talking about all evening … I’d like to know what your definition of architecture might be … I’m sure your definition would be better than almost anyone’s here’. Mies replied, ‘I’ll tell it in German. It is too difficult for me … Baukunst ist raumgefaßter Zeitwille … Why don’t you write it down and then try to translate

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