Migrating Archive Data Across The Changing Storage Landscape

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Interlock Overview
Migrating Archive Data Across the Changing Storage Landscape
The storage market is changing. Traditional archive storage is rapidly shifting to less expensive solutions ranging from Cloud to unified storage. With numerous projects on your company’s agenda, we know you need expert Centera migration support now more than ever. At Interlock, we hire the best minds in storage migration, and their value-added migration consulting advice is priceless. As one of the few full-service archive migration companies, we do the work for you to ensure your migration, and your business, are successful.
Interlock was the first company to offer Centera archive data migrations, and our technology was designed by expert data archive
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• Fast: With data transfer speeds up to 14TB per day, the fastest rate Centera can support, our migrations technology is more than 10x faster than host-based migrations.
• Secure: We use a FIPS approved SHA-256 secure hashing algorithm that was designed by the NSA to ensure data integrity, and therefore prevents data loss. Interlock ensures the chain-of-custody so there are no breaches, and our technology meets all standard compliances such as HIPAA, SOX and SEC 17a4.
• No hardware or software left behind: Our technology was custom built for high speed data migration and there is no extra hardware or software left behind when we are done.
• Zero impact on your business: Our Xspedient™ technology bypasses the application layer and transfers the data directly so we have no impact on your business during the migration process.
• On-time guarantee. We know how long your migration will take because we have an unparalleled depth of expertise in data migration. We are so sure of the accuracy of our quotes, we are the only vendor to offer an On-time guarantee.
• Reliable: We have migrated hundreds of customers and we have never failed to complete a migration. In fact, we have several customers that tried a more automated solution first and then came to us when that company was unable to complete the migration.
• Compliant: We are HIPAA, SEC 17a4 and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant, just to name a few. With Interlock, your chain of custody remains intact
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