Migration Of An Electronic Health Record

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Module 4 Assignment 2 Migrating to an Electronic Health Record Public Health Informatics Dr. Frazier PH 6512 Module 4 Assignment 2 Migrating to an Electronic Health Record Centervale County is a County that is located in the State of New York. It covers 550 square miles consisting of 50 municipalities. It has a population of 962,758 million, which is estimated to increase by 2.1% by 2015. The county’s location places New York City to the south at approximately 35 minutes from the county seat of Centervale City. According to the 2011 US Census Bureau data, the per-capita income in the county was $47,903 and the medium income for a household in the county was $75,005. In terms of household income, Centervale County is the 8 wealthiest county in New York and the 52 wealthiest county nationally. Centervale ranks very high in household income on average and in addition to income, Centervale ranks high in the nation when it comes to healthcare. Like other similar counties, there are a great amount of disparities pertaining to the poorer residents, especially those who are below poverty line and unfortunately there is a lack of this quality healthcare for a good percentage of the population. A majority of the poorer population resides in lower Centervale, which comprise of 5 Cities; Angelburg, Meridian, Marksland, Stephens, Redland. Many of these residents receive government assistance for their healthcare needs. Private practices in these areas rely
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