Essay about Migration Policy and Domestic Party Politics

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There is no one categorical answer to this main question if “Europeanization in the field of Migration Policy is limited because this field is dominated by domestic party politics” or not. First of all we must define how do we understand Europeanization in the field of Migration Policy. It could be understood slight differently: (i) as an Europeanization in assimilation of rules for regular and irregular immigrants; (ii) as an Europeanization in “external dimension” of European Union migration policy; (iii) as an Europeanization in terms of free movement of working force within European Union, etc. These cases might have very different national interests within member states. Member states can easily agree on one point and have …show more content…

6). “The EU member states have certainly been wary of ceding too much of powers up to the EU, creating a de facto European space of 27 different approaches to migration policy, allowing only for minimum harmonization” (Weinar, 2011, psl. 6-7). That clearly shows that migration is very sensitive policy and is strongly influenced by political decisions within member states.
The main shortcoming of the European migration policy framework is its ambiguity and dispersed focus. It addresses the common interest of the EU member states in some fields, while leaving out those common interests in others (Weinar, 2011, psl. 7). So what makes some fields more attractive to common interests?
Elspeth Guild states that at the heart of the EU there is and has always been an ambition and duty to reconfigure the territory of the Member States in order to achieve economic aims (Guild, 2006, psl. 631). Human rights were not part of the original schema of the EU (Guild, 2006, psl. 632). So if we assume, that economic aims and not human rights are most important factors, we might argue, that success in various Migration Policy agreements also depends on economic benefits. Putting this in a simple terms, we might argue, that member states comply with Migration Policy goals if they can get economical benefits from it. National states are always

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