European Union Common Immigration Policy Essay

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EU Common Immigration Policy
The Blue Card Policy Paper
European Union represents economic and political partnership of 28 states, with population more than 500 million people who can travel within its territory without considering internal borders. It operates as a single market with standardized laws and guaranteed freedom of movement of people, goods, services and capital. As such, European Union is attractive destination for all kind of immigrants, from people in search of a better life from unfortunate and unstable regions to highly qualified work force who are looking for greater business opportunities. As European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said in an interview for Time Magazine (Oct. 24,2007) “Europe is an …show more content…

A visa policy that serves the interests of Europe and its partners
Integrated border management
Stepping up the fight against illegal immigration and zero tolerance for trafficking in human beings
Effective and sustainable return policies
(Summaries of EU legislation, n.d.)
The ten principles aim to establish a balanced framework for legal immigration within Common Immigration Policy, which is focused on better organization of legal immigration. It also considers special interest in integration and dealing with irregular immigration, through intensive partnerships with non EU countries based on solidarity and shared responsibility. While focusing on legal immigration, EU measures particularly cover certain categories of immigrants like highly qualified workers (subject of EU Blue Card Directive), students and researchers, intra -corporate transferees, long-term residents, seasonal workers and family reunification.
Given the comprehensiveness Common Immigration Policy deals with, this paper focuses on migration of highly qualified immigrants supported by Blue Card Directive.

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