Military Dehumanization

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The militarization of law enforcement alludes to the utilization of military gear and strategies by law authorization officers. In the past decade, reported incidents of violence between police officials and citizens has become more frequent. Reason being is police officials and their uniform. People feel threatened or uncomfortable when being around police officers with threatening weapons. “These weapons and defensive items being introduced mask the human features of officers, and makes them seem more like objects than actual people. This dehumanizing effect makes them seem more threatening, and creates a greater contrast between the police and the average person. (“The Militarization of the Police and How it's Making Us Less”, 2017)” A research study has also shown that when an individual is exposed to weapons, they are likely to react in a violent and unmannerly fashion. On a typical police officer, their weapons aren’t big, they can put their weapons on the side of their uniform, so, it isn’t very noticeable. However, if an officer is standing with a rifle, that act, is very visible so people may feel threatened. Now, at this rate, where both the police officer as well as the civilian will feel threatened, arguments are more likely to occur and as a result, could lead into a serious issue amongst the two.
Furthermore, the opposite effect could also be arranged. If law enforcement officials wear more casual clothing instead of their uniforms it may create better bonds

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