Military Industrial Complex ( Mic )

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Paige Hagen
AMST 2011
David Karjanen
3 November 2015
Military Industrial Complex Dwight D. Eisenhower coined the term Military Industrial Complex (MIC). With the expansion of the war efforts throughout the country and seeing it firsthand as a general in World War II, he realized how powerful the military was becoming in the United States. In his farewell speech to the public, Eisenhower warned that this great complex that has been created carries great implications, and that though it may be necessary, the nation must be careful not to let it get out of control and have power misplaced. The Military Industrial Complex is the interweaving of the military with industries and corporations, and after the 9/11 attacks it greatly influenced the …show more content…

The B-2 Bomber for example, having parts made in all 50 states, is a strategic move. Nobody is going to stop the production of that plane; no congressman/woman is going to allow that. Simple positions that were originally held by people in the service sector, such as peeling potatoes and doing laundry, are now handled by contractors. For every soldier out fighting with a gun, there are hundreds of people working to provide equipment. To the people of Congress, defense spending equals jobs, and that is how Congress gets woven in with the industries as well in the MIC. In addition to Congress are think tanks; people that work in research to connect education with political action. They work to provide information to help back up certain policies. The revolving door effect comes into play here because many members of the Military Industrial Complex have been or will be part of another branch. These cycles of people spread their knowledge and ideas throughout the entire MIC and therefore keep the “correct” ideas flowing. There have been efforts made to glorify the military as well. After the Vietnam War, the pentagon began to strategize how to control the correspondent’s access to the fighting on the fields and hide what is really going on. This was thought of as necessary to maintain national support in future conflicts. Fast forward nearly three decades and you will see that the Pentagon spent $1.2 billion on advertising intended to

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