The Silent Crisis Summary

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The relationship between Civilian and Military authorities has become increasingly complicated. Gregory Foster worked to identify a number of areas that have compounded this expanding divide in his article, “The Silent Crisis”. Of the many issues presented, there are three that the author of this paper believes to be the most pressing. First, the increasing politicization of the upper military leadership. Second, the lack of strategically competent civilian authorities enhances this disparity. Lastly, an increasingly influential military-industrial complex continues to cloud the judgement of civil authorities. Foster warned that senior military leadership must remain politically neutral and not let their decisions be influenced by partisan politics. However, Foster was not the first to warn of the dangers in the relationship between civilian and military leaders. Samuel Huntington laid the foundation for this relationship in his book, The Soldier and the State. Unfortunately, military leadership has become increasingly politicized to the extent that the Obama Administration felt that the political maneuvering of senior military leaders was conducted to specifically limit the expansion of troop numbers during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom …show more content…

Observers do not need to look far for the signs of a military-industrial complex that has become too powerful and involved in politics. The Army has repeatedly attempted to halt the production and spending on new tanks. The Air Force has spent almost $400 billion on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program, nearly double the initial estimate. If the relationship between civilian and military leaders is to be mended, leadership decisions must not be influenced by the military-industrial

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