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PROJECT FAILURE CASE STUDY OF MILLENNIUM DOME ABOUT MILLENNIUM DOME : The millennium dome, therefore alluded to just as the dome is the first name of an extensive arch moulded building initially used to house the millennium experience. A noteworthy presentation commending the start of the third thousand year of the common era. Situated on the greenwich peninsula in south east London, England the display was interested in the general population from 1 January to 31 December 2000. On 31st December 2000 the dome was closed as it failed to neglect to attract number of guests which was relied upon to visit the place and result in numerous financial problems. As an outcome vault has been sold and changed over into sports field. BACKGROUND OF THE…show more content…
Running such a noteworthy attraction called for particular operational aptitude very unmistakable from that required to develop an arch. POOR MARKETING STRATEGIES : Dome selling itself was based on marketing and sales strategies. Sales tickets shortfall results in poor marketing. As it was large visitor attraction the business plan of company’s marketing was set very low. As company’s good reputation and there were no competitors. The company’s marketing was only with word of mouth which failed to attract new visitors. FINANCIALLY MISMANAGED PROJECT : Throughout the construction and planning phase the cost raises which result in extreme recession of money to the builders. Lack of alternate course of action plan failed to manage expectations. FOLLOWING SUGGESTION AND APPLICATION WITH RESPECT TO PROJECT MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE: It incorporates that the whole undertaking related errand are legitimately characterised who reports to whom what cooperation examples ought to be taken after. What communication style and inspiration style for workers. Undertaking directors answerability and responsibility identified with venture fog be clear, engaged and direct Authoritative structure and administrations capacity should coordinate to meet the necessity of undertaking that is plan, built, run and closed PROJECT COST : The task ought to continue on the off chance that they are clear with full life cycle assessment cost of

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