Mill´s Construction on Representative Government Essay

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Mill’s Considerations on Representative Government in one sentence: Ideal, yet practical governmental governance can be realized only though the democratic governance of a “specially trained and experienced few”. Mill is an elitist. How can he be an elitist when he dedicates the first two chapters of his essay to praising the virtues of popular government? by surreptitiously advocating for elitism in the subsequent sixteen chapters. In these sixteen chapters, he manages to maintain the democratic façade he develops in the first two chapters while championing elite rule by promoting a governmental scheme in which the people are theoretical supreme, but practically play no role in exercising authority. The first instance of this dichotomy …show more content…

It is clear Mill wishes to restrict the business of ruling to those of “superior mind”; the only role he permits ordinary people to play in politics is that of choosing a limited amount of those who actually rule. Even for this task he doubts the ability of ordinary people, and therefore prescribes the aforementioned suffrage restrictions and modifications. One of the mechanisms Mill uses to maintain a democratic front while advocating for elitism is his doctrine of cultural evolution. The crux of this doctrine is the notion that there are different stages of “moral and intellectual advancement” through which a people may progress.. By claiming that “a people with the

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