Milsync Case Analysis

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Time 6:20pm- 1. Being a strong writer is as much about recognizing effective content when you see it as it is about generating content yourself. Choose one funding profile from and explain what does and does not work for you. Funding Profile from Pros: 1. The funding profile generally does a good job of introducing MilSync (Say Hello to the Future of Military Communication) and then highlighting the why it is necessary (The Problem) and what the developers hope to accomplish with the app (The MilSync Solution). 2. The profile’s use of graphics and video is interesting and contributes to, rather than distracts from, the message. 3. The profile uses a readable, making it easy for …show more content…

We know how frustrating it is to try to find navigate life on base when you can’t find directions to where you want to go. That’s why we’ve created MilSync, a free mobile app that puts all on-base communication right at your fingertips. With MilSync you’ll have access to maps, a searchable database of on-base facilities, and easy access to emergency resources and alerts. While you fight for our freedom, MilSync will fight to make your on-base life …show more content…

MilSync is a free mobile app that gives service members easy access to all on-base information and communication. Providing a common platform for every military base, MilSync will allow the military community to make better use of the wealth of on-base resources. • Database of on-base facilities and resources. All database listings contain information about location, operating hours, contact information, and announcements that may impact hours. No need to wonder when or where you’re going anymore! • Emergency alerts specific to each base. Receive time sensitive alerts about emergencies such as tornados, hurricanes, and active shooters. • On-base navigation utilizing Apple Maps and Google Maps. Never get lost again! • One-touch access to all emergency resources. Find access to the police and emergency hotlines right at your fingertips. Our military members make sacrifices for our freedom every day, but on-base comfort and safety shouldn’t have to be one of them. Support MilSync to change the way the military communications with the men and women who give us so much. Military life is hard. Life on base shouldn’t

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