Milton 's Paradise Lost By Milton

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In Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, Milton undertakes a major feat by justifying the way of God to man, through his re-telling of the Bible in an epic poem. His work has been criticized to be “of the Devil’s party without knowing it”; however, to take such a binary interpretation of his work undermines its complexity. It is both true and false that he wrote in “fetters” for god and “liberty” for the devil, as well justified the way he wrote however the primary question arises w as he conscious or unconscious in his methods.[Introduction of body paragraphs] [Thesis]

To play devil’s advocate, one could argue that Milton was justifying, in part, the way of Satan to man. The reader learns more of Satan compared to a very brief speech from God, as a …show more content…

Although the difference being: The first sort [devils] by their own suggestion fell, Self-tempted, self-depraved; Man falls, deceived. By the other first: Man, therefore, shall find grace. The problem with the theory that Milton is justifying Satan to man is that by book 4 the sympathy for him is largely lost. He has had the opportunity to repent, he knows what he has done is wrong but he continues to cause the fall of man. Adam and Eve have no comparison, they don’t know what bad is because they have only experienced good, however Satan has experienced both and still chooses to do wrong. How can one have sympathy for he who chooses to do what is clearly wrong consciously.

In Paradise Lost Satan is tempting to enjoy as a character. He is more dynamic, interesting as well he takes the place of the hero in this epic. Satan’s home is hell which Milton’s describes vividly as “a dungeon horrible”, “darkness visible”, “where peace and rest can never dwell, hope never comes”, “torture without end”, “waste and wild” in contrast to basically no description of heaven. In contrast Gods character in Paradise Lost is depicted as bland, he does not tempt, just states what he needs to state in the hopes that his people will follow. Appropriate for the situation for Milton believes God is perfection and does not need to change. The reasoning for this particular depiction of these characters is found in Milton’s ideals. As a Puritan, Milton’s valued simplicity in religion so

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