Mindful Moment Room Analysis

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The students of Robert W. Coleman Elementary school have found a new way of dealing with their problems. Robert W. Coleman Elementary has implemented what they call the “Mindful Moment Room,” a place where students are sent to think about their actions and decompress. As a result of this program, the school has seen less disciplinary referrals as well as less suspensions. Instead of simply punishing a child for unruly behavior, this program creates a positive outlet for children to target and understand the root of their actions.

Furthermore, Robert W. Coleman is located in West Baltimore, a place where a quarter of residents are living below the poverty level. Not only, but the majority of the students found within this elementary school qualify for free or reduced lunch. That said, the students often come from high-stress environments, which can be a
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According to the article, meditation can ease depression, anxiety and other psychological stressors, all issues that can negatively impact a child’s academic performance. With that said, since a majority of the students at Robert W. Coleman come from high-stress environments, meditation has done wonders. Therefore, the Mindful Meditation Room creates an environment where students are able of decompressing while also enhancing their ability to learn.

In conclusion, meditation has proven to have extremely positive effects on the children at Robert W. Coleman. With fewer needs for disciplinary action, the Mindful Meditation Room succeeds not only at correcting misbehavior, but also at providing a positive environment for students to deal with their psychological struggles. With all that said, instead of simply sending a misbehaving child to detention, more schools should participate in a program that positively deals with
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