Examples Of Mindset In Othello

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Ms. Milliner
January 20th, 2017 Mindset and True Grit: Shakespeare 's Othello
When discussing mindsets in the human condition, there are some correlations toward how a person can perceive success, or how a person perceives failure. These can have a great effect on a person’s personality and various traits and actions. Mindsets also factor into a person’s true self and how they can either become fixated on one thought process for a prolonged time, or be more open to improvement through efforts of mental fortitude. Grittiness is also a factor that can be a bi-product of growth mindset, to where nothing can sway you and your concentration to improve. The motivations of four certain characters from …show more content…

With that said, Iago, a main character from the Shakespeare play ‘Othello’ can relate to such definitions of a fixed mindset. One look into his mindset can be found in one of the lines he speaks, “To be produced--as, if I stay, I shall--Against the Moor. For I do know the state, However this may gall him with some check, Cannot with safety cast him; for he’s embarked with such loud reason to the Cypress wars, which even now stands in act, that for their souls another of his fathom they have none to lead their business”(pg 8-9). This quote basically displays Iago’s distrust in the Moor who in the main character Othello, in not promoting him to a higher rank in the army after their war with the Turkish army. This gave Iago a fixed mindset in the way to get revenge on Othello for not rewarding his efforts. Throughout the play, he created various schemes and manipulated characters like Roderigo and Cassio to try and kill each other in order to further Iago’s plans to stray away Othello from loving his wife Desdemona. This wide plan ended in his inevitable death, along with Othello, Emilia, and Desdemona. As you have just seen, all those events occurred because of Iago’s villainous tenacity to break apart his commanders relationship because of personal angst to him not getting what he

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