Minecraft's Influence On My Life

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Out of the obvious fact, Minecraft helps a person with their architectural development it also helps with multiple other things. This game has always been a major influence on my life since I was 12. I absolutely love this game for the reason it has helped me with not only my friendships but also my schoolwork. Now I’ve always played this game on my Xbox and it’s always thrilling to receive another update on this fantastic game. Thanks to Minecraft I’ve created an array of creations such as the Taj Mahal and a Star Destroyer. This game has made me seem like a genius to my friends, thanks to these grand creations.

But, not only does outwitting your friends on Survival help you. But, it also helps you out with school reenactments. Now, usually once or twice during the school semester, I have a school project that requires a reenactment. The requirements are usually fairly basic, like create a historical story by using; Lego, household objects or any sandbox video game. This has always given me the perfect layout to jam out my Minecraft building skills and get cracking. Thanks to these projects I would’ve never built the Taj Mahal or the Great Wall of China. This game has helped me relate back to history because of …show more content…

Now, not only have I done the reoccurring reenactment but, sometimes you have to make a comic strip. There is no other better way than to use Minecraft for this kind of project. It has the perfect amount of resources, tools, and layouts for this sort of project. All you have to do it make about 6-9 different rooms showing actions that are taking place in a story. You can use blocks for character or even have your friends log on so that you can do screenshots of the game on Overdrive. This allows you to enhance your creativity and really endorse your genius thinking level. You can think of perfect, story with the hundreds of items and

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