Minimum Wage Should Be Paid

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In todays back and forth economy it has become increasingly more difficult for a person to support a family, much less themselves, solely on the income from a minimum wage job. With federal minimum wage sitting just over seven dollars an hour, those tasked with budgeting these kind of meager earnings have begun to question why they dont deserve more pay. Some states have their own laws with discretion over minimum wage pay, and 29 states and DC all currently have minimum wage standards higher than the federal standard, but not necessarily by much. Those working labor jobs, where minimum wage is the compensation they receive for their time and energy, are struggling to afford such basic necessities as housing and food, even when they work…show more content…
Is it fair to raise the minimum wage for those who are less skilled and not as educated just because they need to earn more money? If we raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour a chain like Mcdonalds would likely not be affected by it and would likely not have to cut employees. However, if a small business now has to pay each employee a minimum of $15 an hour do you think they would be able to keep all of those employees? It is unlikely that they would be able to keep all of their employees and it would be much harder to keep the job and it would then become more competitive to even get the job getting the experience you need to grow in a job would be harder because the chances of you getting hired would be less. The job market would be more competitive for smaller businesses and easier for large chain restaurants.. but not everyone wants to work for a chain like mcdonald 's. However, it will increase consumer purchasing and have less of an employee turnover because those who got their jobs are less likely to leave it with such a competitive market. Raising minimum wage would be beneficial to middle-class people but would it actually help our economy? “The total U.S. labor force was roughly 158.7 million. About 47%, or 75.3 million workers, were paid an hourly wage. Of all hourly workers about 4.7%, or 3.54 million, earned a wage equal to or below the minimum wage. If everyone of these workers received an increase to $15 per hour, the total wage earned by this
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