Minority Discrimination

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Discrimination among minorities Minorities potentially see the world different than those who do not count as part of their group. These minority groups can range from people of different race, faith or even capability to live a normal, healthy life. Discrimination occurs when someone exempted from being categorized as a minority decides that a particular group should be mistreated. This could be for any set of reasons that may follow their agenda to show motives such as superiority to that group possibly because they have or are something the majority does not share. With this statement, bigotry is caused among the many minority groups and produces problems with the way people work and live in society. The relationships between the majority and minority show that there is discrimination against people of different color, gender and sexuality, and socioeconomic status. People of color face a level of discrimination based on what they look like and because of this has caused certain groups to become subordinated to the non colored counterparts. Though slavery has been abolished, many hate groups such as the KKK see African Americans as subhuman and below them simply because of their dark skin. This causes the KKK to call themselves the superior race which dehumanized and tortured many African Americans for hundreds of years. Being of African descent myself, I have witnessed acts of discrimination, though not as potent as the times have changed. A common example of this is

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