Miracle Party Research Paper

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An annual event that has inspired me is the Miracle Party. This is a party where many kids who have been diagnosed with cancer bring their loved ones to celebrate their life. It started nine years ago in a hospital room by a wonderful woman named Stacy Syphers whose daughter, Kennedy, had been diagnosed with cancer, and now it has become this big event where a lot of people donate resources and their time to this wonderful cause. Stacy’s daughter is now in remission, but they both still enjoy coming to this event. I became involved my freshman year when I joined the swim team at my high school. We hold an annual car wash where people can give donations to show their support for this cause. We also set up a craft table for all of the kids at …show more content…

Sure, it was a good way to bond with the team, but it had a much deeper meaning the next three years. As I talked to the kids, I found out they had spent a large part of their lives in hospitals getting chemo or radiation treatment, and truly fighting for their lives. They had been through so much at such a young age, and this was one event where they could have fun with their family and friends. This was one night where everyone left their worries at the door and just had fun for one night. As I gave my time to this event helped me realize that I took life and health for granted, and these families don’t have that opportunity. My mindset changed from being selfish to selfless. I also realized that if I have the opportunity to give back to the people, that I should. The Miracle Party helped me understand that there are things that you can improve about yourself and that being an adult includes giving to others. This is part of the reason that my junior and senior year I joined a club at my school called Unified Soccer, which is where we help and encourage kids with disabilities to play soccer. Being able to give my time to those around me has given me great joy to watch these people accomplish their goals, no matter how big or

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