Mise En Scene For The Happiness Salesman

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I. Short Answer. 1. I am writing about the short film The Happiness Salesman. In this film a newly single mother is trying to get her fussy crying baby to nap and her doorbell rings. At the door is a salesman who tells her that he can offer her something missing in her life and she invites him in to show her what he has. The salesman offers that he can restart her life, fulfill her dreams for a price. He is selling a special DVD that contains her perfect future and that she can take a peek at it, she just needs to type in what moment in time she would like to see. I liked this film, it was a little predictable that what the salesman wanted in exchange would be sinister. It is suspenseful and there are some interesting shots. You know something …show more content…

In the film The Pianist, mise en scene reflects Roman Polanski’s role as survivor and historical storyteller by visually and emotionally bringing you into the world he was in at that time of the Nazi invasion. Mise en scene is the arrangement of everything that appears in the framing, the actors, lighting, decor, props, and costumes. Szpilman was a survivor like Polanski, so telling Szpilman’s story was in ways like telling his own. In the “making of” Polanski describes how accurate he wanted everything to look and be told. When he read the book The Pianist it was very accurate since it was written right after the events. Polanski stated that if the book had been written 20 or 30 years after the events it would not have been able to be as accurate. He states that the vivid detail was close to what he remembered as a …show more content…

In the “making of” the costume designer Anna Biedrzycka-Sheppard describes how in the beginning of the film the color of the clothing had some salmon pink, reds and some pretty yellows but when people are in the ghetto and time goes on and the conditions worsen the colors become monochromatic. The lighting in the film is either dark with brown and grey colors to accentuate the feeling of sadness and hopelessness that existed in the ghetto or soft natural lighting during hopeful scenes like when Szpilman is being helped by others, or when he is playing the

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