Misha Shamonin Research Paper

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Misha Shamonin Misha Shamonin was the youngest person to be executed at the Butovo Firing Range, during the great purge, at only 13 years old (Haydes). He only stole two loaves of bread. The Butovo Firing Range was an old private estate by the Drozhzhino village. This was used by the Soviets’ secret police as an agricultural colony, shooting range, and as a place of execution and mass graves. The Soviets only executed people that they felt were a “danger to the people.” More than 20,000 people were shot at the Butovo Firing Range from August 1937 to October 1938. One thousand people were slaughtered by remaining beside their Orthodox faith. Misha’s death opened people’s eyes to how if a young boy could be executed for a small

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