Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children Essay

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Hiding in plain sight, belittled for their differences, and ridiculed for trying to be normal, the peculiar children are outcasts of society. In the present, we see these peculiarities as gifts. In the 19th century, however, these gifts are seen as nothing more than unfortunate curses. Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children is about an adolescent boy named Jacob whose grandfather died in a rather obscure way. This book revolves around Jacob’s grieving process as he searches for answers about his grandpa’s death. While traveling to his grandfather’s childhood home, Jacob finds a little more than he anticipates during his expedition. In this journal I will be evaluating, questioning and predicting. Jacob makes several poor decisions throughout…show more content…
Jacob and Emma’s relationship has noticeably flourished throughout the novel; however, it is debatable whether their relationship is sincere, or if Emma is nostalgic for a past romance. The relationship of Jacob and Emma is complicated due to the fact that Emma was also Jacob’s grandfather’s romantic interest 60 years ago. Emma resides in the time loop while Abe moves on, grows old, and has a family. After Abe’s grandson uncovers and utilizes the time loop, Emma longs for something lost and immediately befriends Jacob. He resembles his grandpa and seems to fill a void that was once vacant. Due to this, I question whether Emma has sincere feelings for Jacob, or if she is just using him to replace something she knows she will never have again. Being close to Emma does not sit well with Jacob towards the beginning of their relationship, and after finding a box of old letters from his grandfather to Emma, he said: “Here was this beautiful, funny, fascinating girl who, miracle of miracles, really seemed to like me. But now I understood that it wasn’t me she liked. She was heartbroken for someone else, and I was merely a stand-in for my grandfather”(Riggs
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